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A Skill Gap is a significant gap between an Organization’s skill needs and the current capabilities of its workforce. It is the point at which an organization can no longer grow or remain competitive in its industry inspite of the employees missing the right skill to help in driving business results.
This insight will be in detail about the below.
 Skill Gap – Causes
 Analysis and Tools
 Evaluation
 Human Resources Department (HRD) – Intervention in Skill Gap
 Outcomes of HRD Interventions
 Measures to minimize Skill Gap

Skill Gap Causes:

Based on the attrition rate in India, Berenike and Bion Group have done a research on the market trends and changing mindsets of consultants. Below are the few observations
 Changing mindset of the individuals based on various parameters
 Lag of Up skilling programs
 Educational attainment is lagging the need for skills Signs that an Organization may be facing a Skill Gap:
 There is a mismatch between the skills the organization needs and capabilities of the workforce
 The number of the highly skilled, specialized jobs needed to take the organization forwardis increasing

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Skill Gap Analysis:

Skill gap analysis is an evaluation tool for determining training needs of an individual, group or organization. The analysis reveals the differences between the required and the existing skill levels and the recommended strategies for reducing the differences or closing the gap.

Skill Gap Analysis Tools:

 Performance assessments
 Questionnaires
 Interview and group Discussions
 Projects
 Company goals and long term plans.

Skill Gap Evaluation:

 Comparing the actual factor with the expected reveals the gap in competencies
 Skill areas evaluated include responsibilities, duties, tasks, functions and knowledge

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Human Resources Department (HRD) – Intervention in Skill Gap:

There are 6 top interventions with respective to HRD in Skill Gap.
 Competency mapping exercise
 Start from the top
 Leadership development Programs
 Assessment and development centers
 Performance appraisal interventions
 Use a participative approach

Measures to minimize skill Gap

 One of the direct ways for your organization to achieve peak performance is through a systematic evaluation of your workforce skills in relation to Business operations.
 There are some basic steps to maximize your people’s potential and attain organizational efficiency.
 Begin with a competency assessment.
 Use the competency profiles as benchmarks to identify workforce skill gaps.
 Develop a training plan.

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Competency Assessment:

To determine the exact skill requirements of each job in your organization. The skill set for each job makes up the competency profile for that role or position.
Identification of Workforce skill Gaps:
Employees can complete a self assessment to be verified by their supervisors who observe their actual performance on the job.
Training Plan:
Identify the training needs based on the expected delivery and futuristic vision. Targeting the specific needs of each employee.

Step 1:
 Identify business goals
 Assessing the critical Skills
 Creating a project plan and strategic objectives.
 Articulate the desired state


Step 2:
 Collecting Data
 Conduct Focus groups
 Comparing the outcomes of expert with outcomes of less experienced personnel
 Conclusion: What training needs to be implemented?

Step 3:
 Interpreting Data and making recommendations
 Then preparing the report that lists the missing skills and knowledge required to complete work successfully.

Step 4:
 Preparing training plan to address identified skill gap in the current environment
 Skill gaps usually occur when a company strategy changes, mergers and acquisitions.

After analyzing the gap between the current performance and the desired performance levels, effective training professionals design, create, deliver and evaluate interventions.


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