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Declining in global costs are helping India manufacturers become more competitive. Even though from a supply chain perspective, India manufacturers are seeing the benefits of revised reform from Government of India, increased regulation, CESS, and GST costs continue to weigh on the minds of many manufacturers and distributors.

Berenike & Bion understands these challenges and offers integrated services, tailored specifically to meet our clients’ needs. From the tax implications of India expansion to conducting due diligence for an acquisition, we can help you navigate the many issues affecting your business. We are well versed in the accounting and taxation issues facing the manufacturing and distribution marketplace, as well as the regulatory and compliance challenges posed by every area in which you operate – from liquidity issues to labor costs.

Through our Berenike & Bion Business Resource Network, we provide access to a network of professionals with diverse industry backgrounds who can offer insight, experience, and guidance. We serve companies spanning the telecom spectrum, steel, transportation equipment to plastics and fabricated metals.

Fabricated metals

When coming to issues starting from Supply chain, material availability, and price fluctuations are some of the biggest challenges facing the fabricated metals sector. Berenike & Bion Manufacturing and Distribution Practice helps clients to best organize operations, including determining where to open new facilities. Backed by one of the finest international organizations, our professionals have the knowledge and experience to help clients successfully navigate the diverse issues – in every country they do business.

Whether your goal is to expand your local operations, integrate innovation into your manufacturing process, maintain regulatory compliance, or optimize inventory, Berenike & Bion provides a comprehensive suite of value-added, GST services tailored to our clients’ needs. We combine industry knowledge with accounting, tax, and business advisory experience to help your business address challenges and capitalize on opportunities.

Worker removes scale from metal workpieces
CNC Machine


Machinery companies are facing a marketplace with volatile commodity prices in India. In addition, supply chain issues, regulatory changes, and workforce concerns continue to put pressure on many machinery producers.

From finding a skilled labor force to forecasting customer demand, Berenike & Bion understands the challenges faced by our clients. We provide our clients with high-level consulting and advisory services, offering our best practices that have been utilized around the industry to spark change.

Whether looking to expand through an mergers & acquisition, reduce labor costs, or improve supply chain efficiency, Berenike & Bion local network assists clients. We combine industry experience with accounting, tax, and business advisory services to help businesses differentiate themselves from competitors, meet their most important goals.

Plastics manufacturing

When coming to prediction for plastics manufacturers, and increasingly critical for those paying close attention to margins. Environmental issues, regulatory factors, supply chain management, and foreign competition are among the sector’s biggest concerns.

Berenike & Bion’s experienced professionals extensive experience guiding plastics manufacturers through a variety of challenges. For example, we can help your business develop strategies to increase sustainability efforts, whether through integrating recycling into the manufacturing process or by
spending more on research and development credits.

Universal plastic cases for the manufacture of serial radio-electronic products

Our Manufacturing and Distribution Practice combines industry knowledge with accounting, tax, and business advisory experience to help clients address challenges and capitalize on opportunities. Whether you are looking to leverage your domestic operations, reduce costs, or expand through mergers & acquisitions.


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