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Our Communications, and Technology teams work globally to augment our clients’ expertise and capabilities. Our focus is on helping clients compete smartly, serve customers better and more profitably, operate faster and at a lower cost, invest more rationally, and innovate with a business purpose. We are independent thinkers who challenge prevailing views but are committed to working hands-on as part of clients’ teams.

The communications industry continues to converge, characterized by the removal of entry barriers across wireline, wireless, ISP, digital content, network/transport, and device companies. In this dynamic environment, improving revenue, retaining customers, and managing risk are three of the critical issues facing communications industry executives. As companies strive to maintain market share and customer loyalty, it is becoming increasingly important to find innovative ways to optimize margin and increase profits.

communication and technologies

The challenges arising from convergence are further complicated by additional market conditions,  including industry consolidation, economic uncertainty, increased competition, corporate governance, fraud detection and prevention, increasingly sophisticated and demanding customers, and an antiquated regulatory environment. These factors combined challenge the way communications and multimedia companies go to market and conduct business.

Berenike & Bion’s professionals help you contain costs and optimize revenues through risk management and operational performance improvements. We also assist you with appropriately identifying, maintaining, and better utilizing the significant capital assets that support your vast infrastructures. Our professional experience ranges from large incumbents to smaller, competitive providers and from traditional voice to wireless and broadband companies. For each client, our focus is the same: get to know you and help you understand the risks and opportunities you face. Then work collaboratively to build tailored solutions delivered by experienced professionals that can deliver results and help you to face the future with confidence.

Clients witness our restructuring heritage and financial, tax, transaction, and operational expertise, we keep one foot in the present to drive mission-critical initiatives that help companies remain competitive in today’s disrupted market while keeping one foot in the future of the innovation and disruption of tomorrow.

communication and technologies


The revolution in wireless broadband, data and mobile; multi-billion-dollar investments in spectrum and 5G deployment; and the need to sustain financial viability as new business models with new competitors continue to pressure incumbents mean telecommunications companies must be ever transforming.

communication and technologies
communication and technologies
communication and technologies


It is all about growth. That is the mantra of private and public tech companies as they seek higher and higher valuations. Increasingly though, potentially disruptive headwinds cast doubt on the long tech boom. At B&;B, we know that disruption is necessary to be leading edge and that transformation is key to competitive advantage.


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