Construction is one of the top markets around the world, through many companies in the industry have learned to have bitter experience to hold back on investment in preparation for the next downturn. That is not exactly a robust growth strategy. Berenike & Bion works with the construction and building products firms to consistently achieve positive results across favorable and unfavorable market environments.


Setting up digital and focus on practical, immediate steps that set you on a path to digital leadership.

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Whether you need to capture cost savings opportunities, zero-base your budget or strategically transform your cost structure, we can help to do that.


Restructure your operations—from supply chain to procurement—to unlock growth, reduce costs and unleash your strategy.

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Strategy has been one of our core business. We work with companies to develop strategies
that deliver results.

 Berenike & Bion has construction and building products experience Andhra Pradesh, India. We work with some of the small and midsize businesses. We been successful in construction because you need to understand the business at a regional, country, local and project-by-project level. We have experience working with companies across multiple areas of the industry including:

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 Basic building materials (including cement, concrete, aggregates, brick, glass, and other materials)
 Building products (including roofing, siding, lumber, plywood, OSB, insulation, wallboard, windows, doors, cabinets, countertops, HVAC, piping, plumbing fixtures/fittings, flooring, electrical products, paint, and many other products)
 Infrastructure
 Distribution and retail (spanning a wide range of distribution ecosystems)

 Homebuilding (including national and regional/local builders)
 Engineering, construction, and procurement (EPC) (including all segments of the EPC value chain)
 And we have experience across multiple construction end-markets—including residential, non-residential.


Bring us your toughest challenges and connect with our team for staffing and consulting services.


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