Contract staffing (or contract recruitment) is a “co-employment” relationship as Berenike Bion supply staff for clients, for a specific function and time-period, at certain conditions and specified monthly rate. Contract staffing refers to the recruitment of employees for short-term employment contracts as opposed to full-time permanent workers. Contract staffing is where a business hires an employee based on a specific agreement. This agreement is generally in the form of a written contract which will outline the basis of the employment. This could be that the employee works a certain number of hours for a period of time or until a task or project is finished. In many situations, these employees are not considered to be part of the permanent staff of the company but are hired for a specific purpose. Contractual Staffing has increasingly become popular because of its benefits for workers and employers. Contractual personnel methods allow employers flexibility. Contractual Staffing also includes independent contracts, part-time work, seasonal work, etc. This model has several advantages for employers and employees who want to enjoy more flexibility and free time.

How does Berenike Bion help employees in Contractual Staffing?

For modern workers, contractual personnel regulations mean more control over schedules and type of work, and more which gives higher flexibility.
Instead of considering routine nine to five work, employees can work in contractual personnel arrangements at times that are more in line with their schedules and needs. 

They have control over their workload, the nature of their work, and often even the costs they incur. You can specialize in one type of work or build a variety of different jobs every day.

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Potentially higher incomes than individuals can contract services with many companies and, as part-time employees, often get higher wages than if they worked full time

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Temporary Staffing Vs Contract Staffing

Contract staffing differs from temporary staffing in the sense that the staffing is done for each individual position and not for the function as whole. Contract employees are individually chosen and hence are generally more professional. The association between the organization and the employee lasts for fixed duration and is subject to renewal. Contract staffing helps companies add to the workforce selectively and in specific areas. Although Professional Services (PS) in Human Contracting is a fairly new concept in India, the PS market is fast maturing and catching up with the changing industry trends.

Some of the main reasons companies invest in contract staffing services for recruitment for temporary assignments

1. Contract staffing is cost-effective. When companies opt to work with these contractors, Berenike Bion will help in payroll and all benefits expenses, rework project budgets to accommodate the temporary hire, and reduce many administrative expenses associated with in-house recruiting and other hiring activities.
2. Our Recruiters can provide qualified talent. Berenike Bion provides to Clients with skilled labour in many fields. Instead of training an inexperienced worker, the client company gains access to the right candidate for the job at hand. Berenike Bion takes care of all the talent sourcing, background checks, and preliminary interviewing activities to deliver highly qualified workers.

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In general in contract staffing our task will be;
• Do the Pay rolling
• Pay the employee
• Pay and with holds payroll taxes
• Provide workers’ compensation
• Provide employment services as visa, work permit,        insurance, and logistics
• Ensure civil rights compliance
• Has the right to hire and fire
• Hear and act on complaints from the employee about     working conditions

Contract staffing could benefit all parties; clients, we as the Berenike Bion our main advantages of Contract staffing are;
• Higher earning potential
• Flexible lifestyle
• Opportunity to travel
• Variety in work scope
• The possibility of a permanent contract.


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