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Berenike & Bion is a technology firm that specializes in a designdevelopment, implementation, and recruitment of variety of industries from Information technology, BPO, KPO, supply chain management, logistics, transportation, freight forwarding, manufacturing and distribution.

We understand the requirements of each domain, and roles to place the best candidates from the IT industry to Non-IT industry.

We give an edge of fully nurtured cherry pick candidates to your organization where you can place your confidence in our passion and expertise so you can focus on

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We are creating digital stuff

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Why Berenike & Bion?

End-to-end approach: Taking a more holistic path toward value, high performers consider the entire, end-to-end business process to be in scope within the BPO arrangement.

Partnership mindset: High performers consider their BPO provider to be a strategic partner, and the two parties collaborative closely.

Effective change management: The best BPO relationships consider the workforce and organizational impacts of operational and business change and they execute change management effectively.

Value beyond cost: In high-performance BPO, both client and provider acknowledge the importance of cost reduction, but also focus on additional improvements in organizational performance.

Targeting strategic outcomes: High performers aim for specific strategic outcomes from a BPO arrangement that can be measured and that can help achieve, competitive advantage.


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