Policy Support

Company Policy Support

Policy support involves helping to develop, review and implement policies that support a company’s strategic objectives. This includes researching existing policies, analyzing the impact of proposed policies, developing new policies, and providing guidance and advice to ensure compliance with the policies. It also includes helping to keep policies up to date and ensuring that they are properly communicated and followed. Policy supports also involves monitoring and reporting on compliance with the policies and providing feedback and recommendations to management on areas where improvements can be made. Additionally, policy support professionals may be tasked with providing training and guidance to staff on the policies and helping to ensure that they are followed.


Existence of gender diversity and inclusiveness at all levels of managerial hierarchy in organizations results in 30% better performance (Das, 2018). Currently, organizations must focus on gender diversity and inclusion as a core of their growth strategy as both help in developing vibrant, thriving, creative and innovative workplaces. Gender friendly and inclusive workplaces
can be developed by facilitating working mothers, protecting their employment, removing unconscious biasness, offering flexible working hours, fostering an inclusive and respectful working culture, fixing and achieving gender diversity goals.


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