Application Services

Innovation matters for today, tomorrow, and future markets, from cloud services to Big Data and beyond. To ensure your competitive success, Berenike & Bion consulting team provides the needed expertise for small, medium, and large institutions custom enterprise solutions across all phases of the software life cycle. our core competencies cover all major frameworks and software packages.

Application Development

Project manage, plan, architect, develop, test, and deploy solutions using various development methods.

Woman Analysis Working Writing Concept

Business and Systems Analysis

Analyze, design, perform, model, document processes and specifications to support business improvement and systems deployment.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Create and implement processes and methods to improve quality and execute tests to find defects, bugs.

High Quality
Technician fixing motherboard by soldering

Upgrades, Conversions and Migrations

Conduct product replacement, transfer of data and conversion of data into a new format to optimize the platform.

  • Program and Project Management
  • UI/ UX
  • SAP SuccessFactors
  •  Peoplesoft
  • App Development || Android / IOS
  •  QA and Testing
  •  Product Development

Program and Project Management
Get rid of any inconsistencies in the planning and programing of projects thereby aligning your strategy
and operational goals for successful execution


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