The demand for Business Services continues to grow, but so do the challenges, from poorly written legacy contracts to technology that never quite met eithers expectations. But you do not have to go it alone. We have built our reputation on refined management, cost control and a focus on the issues that matter most. Berenike & Bion partners with companies offering professional and IT services, on-site services, and services to municipalities to transform business. Together with our clients, we develop value growth strategies and design and implement differentiated offer portfolios, industrialized operating models, and superior commercial practices. Our deep industry expertise and our specialized capabilities in the areas of offer development and portfolio management, pricing, contract management, and labor transformation . As rapid globalization, changing consumer dynamics, and the breathtaking pace of technological innovation are continuously altering every industry landscape. For decision-makers of all levels, the need to both meet daily obligations and plan for an increasingly unpredictable future places intense demands on limited time. Berenike & Bion’s Business Services & Outsourcing team assists clients by helping meet current needs, and by working toward long-term goals. Our professionals evaluate and benchmark key functions in your organization and draw on deep experience developing and integrating accounting, finance, and HR objectives with corporate and human capital strategy. In a highly competitive marketplace, realizing long-term goals comes not only from capitalizing on opportunities and mitigating risks, but from doing it all as efficiently and effectively as possible.


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